Goliga is a publisher and producer of limited-edition photography projects. We collaborate with photographers to create engaging means of expanding the experience of photography. With Sohei Nishino, we’ve created a complement of different formats to experience Nishino’s diorama maps in different ways: Live installations in different cities, this interactive website, and a limited-edition mini-portfolio, which can be purchased through this website and delivered to you. Nested into each of Nishino’s diorama maps are thousands upon thousands of individual moments and encounters. By zooming in for a closer look, you can appreciate the photographer’s humanism, charm, and sense of play.

For each project, Nishino photographs a city from every possible angle over the course of several months. The thousands of exposures are then assembled into a diorama that is a photographic map of the city, compacted with a density of images. Frame-by-frame, the photographer works meticulously to produce a collage that is a journey unto its own.


For the live installations, we produce an enlarged version of the diorama maps. The print is comprised of small tiles, each measuring 10 x 16 cm (4 x 6.25 inches). A selection of ten of these individual tiles can be selected and ordered through this website. The ten tiles are housed in a custom-made box.

Each of the prints is unique, so as sections of the diorama are selected, they are removed from the pool of available tiles. The very process by which the photographer has built up his diorama in a collage format will be the means by which is it deconstructed. By taking away parts of the installation, the audience will help to complete the larger project of the artwork, which is to distribute one diorama amongst many different individuals. Each person will possess one part of a whole, all of who are dwellers in a larger city, occupying their own small part of a city.

Each edition comes in a numbered and signed box that includes a Poster of the Diorama, a booklet about the making of the Diorama, a signed Colophon, and a set of Flag Pins.


  • - 10 Prints (Signed)
  • - Poster (A1 size)
  • - Booklet
  • - Colophon (Signed and Numbered)
  • - A set of flag pins
  • - Box is made with wood and acrylic. (W62.5 x H17.6 x D5.8 cm)


  • - 10 Prints (Signed)
  • - Poster (B3 size)
  • - Booklet
  • - Colophon (Signed and Numbered)
  • - Box is made with cloth over board. (W11.8 x H22.5 x D2.6 cm)
Sohei Nishino Profile

AboutSohei Nishino

Born in Hyogo in 1982. Nishino started his on-going series “The Diorama Map” while he was a student at the Osaka University of Arts. Since being selected for the Excellence Award of Canon New Cosmos Photography Award in 2005, he has participated in several group shows, international festivals and solo exhibitions all over the world, including the exhibitions “Out of Focus” at the Saatchi Gallery (London, 2012), “Contemporary Japanese Photography” (Volume 10) at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Tokyo, 2012), and International Center of Photography Triennial “A Different Kind of Order” (New York, 2013). In 2013 he was given the Newcomer’s Award by the Photographic Society of Japan and selected as one of the artists for Foam magazine’s Talent Call 2013.




Under the imprint GOLIGA, Ivan Vartanian creates photobook editions, performances, publications, and research-based books about photography from Japan. Previous photobook editions include YOKOTA DAISUKE: UNTITLED, Rinko Kawauchi: Approaching Whiteness, and Daido Moriyama: Accident. GOLIGA’s performances include DAIDO MORIYAMA PRINTING SHOW, which was held at the Aperture Foundation and inside the Tate Modern.